CityPass to the aid of educationFebruary 26. 2013.

The usage dimensions of NetLock's award winning card system - the CityPass - is expanding as it is now used in education, besides its city and university card functions. We have started the "Security solutions of digital identification" course for the second time on the Óbuda University, which grants students a chance to learn about the newest developments in the field of digital identification, thanks to our colleagues.

Netlock hint - SSL: shield in the online spaceJanuary 16. 2013.

Krisztián Fehér, the product manager of NetLock Ltd. gives you 5 tips to ensure that your data on the Internet is secure.

NetLock to assume Education authentication servicesJanuary 08. 2013.

The „Educatio Társadalmi Szolgáltató Nonprofit” Ltd. finished its authentication services on Dec 21, 2012, thus stops issuing provider certificates altogether. The required keeping , issuing and publishing matters of qualified certificate providing services complying with regulations are directed to NetLock Ltd. as a certificate issuer of the same rank as Educatio. Regulations, revocation lists and issued certificates pertaining to the newly assumed service can be found on the following Internet address: Educatio assumed service.

If you possess an Educatio certificate, visit our website, where you can read about packages distributed by us to make data providing towards NSZFI, KIR or FIR easier.